What can SpaceBunny do for your business?

For a business constantly keeping up to date and evolving is key in avoiding the risk of quickly becoming obsolete and being overcome by competitors or new technologies. SpaceBunny can be the key for evolving your business, as it has been for our customers that frequently renewed their offer and entered the world of digital services. From pure hardware manufacturers and sellers they quickly began to bundle their “physical” components with software in the form of innovative services like web and mobile apps. Their customers greatly appreciate these new services that frequently help out in solving common problems or give them new ways of gathering and extracting additional information and value from the acquired hardware.

We’re gonna describe one of our success stories that is the collaboration with Elenos S.r.l., world leader in the Power FM Transmitters field (do you know when you’re listening to radio? Well, Elenos makes it possible thanks to its power equipment products).

The problems

Common problems for Elenos and his customers are represented by:

  • Equipment often installed on hard to reach places, like the top of tall mountains, since due to the nature of the transmission process the higher the transmitter is located, the farther  the signal’s reach will be
  • Maintainers have to physically reach the transmitter locations for every event that may occur, which results in high maintenance costs
  • Events or alarms that may occur must be promptly notified to staff and precise information about what happened can be fundamental for taking decisions on what to do
  • A transmitter’s failure can lead to a stop of the whole transmitting station and can last for many hours or even days, depending on the severity of the damage. This can lead to loss of advertising’s revenue
  • Energy savings: during the night a typical FM station has a big audience drop and the necessary power to transmit can be significantly reduced with huge savings in electricity bills. In fact we’re talking about devices in the  order of 30­60 KW of power output, so reducing to half the transmission power can make a big difference.
  • Diversification of the business

Our solution

In collaboration with Elenos, we have engineered an integrated solution to solve all the aforementioned problems and we ended up with an architecture like the following:




As you can see it’s a fairly modular and complete architecture, with a messaging layer composed by the transmitters sending data and events (alarms) to SpaceBunny as well as receiving commands and software configurations through it.

The second layer of the architecture is composed by Elenos’ custom management software, that is in charge of handling all the basic informations of the transmitters, their users and so on. This management unit interfaces with SpaceBunny and acts as a shared database for the whole set of new software services that Elenos is developing and providing to its customers.

The third layer of the architecture is composed of (typically) small applications, each one represents a specific service that a customers can buy. In the next images we’ll show as an example the “Map” application which shows to a customers his transmitters on a map and gives him at a glance all the live operating parameters as well as an history of occurred events. The user can also access the transmitter management console with features like “Start”, “Stop” as well as other fancy panels reporting live data like the transmitting frequency, the operating power and so on.

The web UI

map_with_transmitters-min  transmitter_detail_with_live_data-min  transmitter_events  transmitter_control_panel


E-maintenance and remote control

  • Networks owner have an immediate and simple overview of their equipment.
  • Operating parameters are always under control.
  • Maintainers can perform common maintenance tasks remotely. Think about being able to start, stop, or reboot the machine, or editing the working parameters like transmitting power, frequency, etc…
  • In case of hardware faults maintainers can quickly have an overview of what happened and can plan an onsite visit with all the necessary equipment and spare parts.

Energy savings

During the night a typical radio network’s audience dramatically drops and there is no need to transmit at full power like you would during the day. Therefore it’s possible to greatly reduce the equipment output power, obtaining remarkable savings.

Predictive maintenance

Having a constant stream of the operating parameters of a machine enables you to analyze the data received and extract a model from it. This model is used in “Predictive maintenance” to forecast component breakdowns. This way we can avoid faults by organizing maintenances and minimize losses due to lost advertising revenue.

SpaceBunny as unique collector for less smart devices

Thanks to SpaceBunny Elenos also controls less smart equipments, in a uniform and standardized way. Old devices (or even competitors’ ones) that have a SMS or SNMP gateway on board can be controlled as well.

Business diversification

Through SpaceBunny it’s possible to build an entire set of new services to be offered to your customers as paid add­on or complimentarily to facilitate a sale.

Is your product better than the competitors, maybe because it’s more energy efficient or its components are more robust? Prove it to your customers by providing them with the direct proof and the ability to check it by themselves.

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