• How does SpaceBunny work?

    Connected devices, such as sensors, smart appliances, wearables, mobile Apps, etc., connect to SpaceBunny over one of the supported protocols (HTTP, AMQP, MQTT, STOMP, WEB­STOMP). You can use one of our provided SDKs or do it “manually” by yourself thanks to our technical documentation.
    The communication between devices and SpaceBunny is bi­directional and always­ on. Through SpaceBunny’s web interface, or by consuming its open REST API you have access and can control every aspect of the platform such as Users, Devices, Channels, Live Streams, Saved Data, Plugins, Statistics and so on.
    Find out how many devices are connected to the platform and manually send them messages and they’ll receive it even if they are not connected at the time of the send: SpaceBunny has you back covered thanks to its message queuing features. Communication with SpaceBunny can be secured through TLS encryption: it’s up to you to choice from encrypted or not encrypted connections. To simplify and boost the development of your connected devices and applications, SpaceBunny provides open­source SDKs for Ruby, Node.js and Java languages. More will come in the near future, but thanks to our technical documentation, it’s very easy to connect your devices with your preferred language, even if we don’t currently provide an SDK for it.

  • What kind of device can I connect to SpaceBunny?

    Any device, as long as it’s connected to the internet. We provide high level SDKs on our GitHub page to get you started in no time. Check out our getting started page for more information.

  • Can devices that are not directly connected to the internet access SpaceBunny?

    Devices connected to private IP networks and devices using for example non-­IP radio protocols such as Bluetooth LE and ZigBee can connect to SpaceBunny through a physical hub that acts as an intermediary between them and the internet.

  • What can a device do once connected?

    We establish a reliable two way connection, this means that the device can send data and also receive messages into its “inbox” from other devices or from the SpaceBunny’s API. If the device goes offline, it can anyway receive messages into its inbox, and these will be delivered as soon as it returns online.

  • How is the data organised?

    You can specify different data “channels”. Think of them as a conversation topics. Each device can write data on specific (attached) channels. SpaceBunny also provides a fine grained access control to the channels: a device can write data on a channel only if this has been attached to it. SpaceBunny does not impose any format for the data sent by devices and you can send JSON encoded data rather than an audio stream, rather than “raw” bytes.

  • What can I do with the data?

    SpaceBunny offers a simple way to boost your data: you can connect a channel to one or more of our Plugins and each message sent on that specific channel will be processed right away by the plugins.

  • Can I export my data?

    SpaceBunny automatically performs daily exports of your persisted data at no additional cost. You can download exported data from the “Data Exports”section.

  • What kind of plugins are available?

    The core plugins offer data persistence, live streaming, SMS and Email notifications.

  • How should applications access SpaceBunny?

    SpaceBunny exposes an open API that you can use to control every aspect of the platform. You can for example create a simple mobile app that enables you to open your front gate with a touch or build a large scale management system that manages your smart­connected products (maybe showing them on a map?) consuming SpaceBunny’s API as a backend system. The first example can be achieved through the use of a Device client embedded into the mobile App while the second one expects to use SpaceBunny’s API through an ApiKey. Check out the sample apps on our GitHub page to learn more.

  • How much does SpaceBunny costs?

    We offer a free tier to test out our platform. If you need more resources you can scale your account. Check out our pricing page to learn more or get in touch for our corporate solutions.

  • Do you offer corporate solutions?

    Sure, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss with you the perfect solution that fits your needs. We can analyze the status quo, suggests the best way to improve your business, and even project and develop customized solutions for you.