Safe message queues

Never lose a single packet. If the device is offline the message will be delivered as soon as it’s back online.

Access live data feeds

Tap in the data streams at any time, from anywhere.

User management

Your subscription includes as many users as you want.

Protocol bridging

Use your favourite protocol, we provide a transparent way to bridge between different protocols, so that they can talk with each other seamlessly.

 Custom topics

Keep semantically different data streams separated using Channels.

Power your data

Apply Plugins to your Channels gaining more control and access to new features.

Machine to Machine friendly

Create groups of different devices and make them talk to each other.

Free API

Use our complete APIs to access and taylor the platform to your needs.

Open source SDKs

Get started in few minutes by leveraging our ready-to-use SDKs.

Easy storage

Keep your data safe.