Our Plugin system enables you to boost the data collected by your devices in a modular and scalable way.
Devices can send their data packets on one or more specific topics. Each topic can be connected with one or more plugins, so that each bit of data can be immediately processed.

We provide a basic set of plugins to get you started, and our modular and open architecture will allow you to develop your own solution tailored on your specific needs.

Device Inbox

Controlling your device is easy with Device Inbox. You’ll be able to send a packet to your devices at any time. Even if your device is offline, we make sure that the messages are delivered as soon as it goes back online.

Live Stream

The Live Stream plugin is the perfect tool for creating a real time stream of packets collected by different sources. The stream can be visualized through our web interface, or consumed with either our SDK or directly from our API.

Notification Plugin

Receiving timely notifications is extremely important to monitor your devices and be always aware when something important happens.
With the Notification Plugins you can setup your preferred notification system (SMS, Email or Push) and from then on each message delivered in the topic connected to it will be delivered to you.

Data Persistence

With this plugin you can automatically save your data in a safe persistence storage and decide for how long you want to keep it. You can also apply filters on the persisted data, and visually analyze it through our web interface.

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