Use Cases

Scenario Smart Home

Wouldn’t it be great to have everything you care about always close to you? Your house can constantly communicate with you, keeping you up to date about everything that it’s happening.

Smart Energy

Optimizing energy consumption is important for your finances and even more so for the environment. Having a constant snapshot of the power consumption in your household will help you decide on how to be more energy conscious. Think of the ability to turn on your appliances only when your solar panels are at peak efficiency.

Remote monitoring

Security is one of the basic human needs. A fully interconnected house enables to you receive notifications in the event that an alarm is triggered, or to connect at any time from anywhere to your security camera, to make sure that everything is ok.

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Scenario Smart Factory

Keep your automatic machines in your pocket. It doesn’t matter where they are located, you have full access whenever you want to the operative and production parameters, you can receive timely notification if an alarm is raised or if an event is triggered, like the end of a production batch.

Remote Maintenance (E-Maintenance)

In case of hardware failure, the operator can be notified, even if the machine is located in another country, and the maintenance can be planned knowing before hand by knowing what went wrong and what part broke down.

Remote HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) for remote monitoring and control

Having a remote HMI is essential when the operating conditions are too dangerous or make the accesso for and operator too difficult. Having a real time remote interface enable the operator to control and monitor the production from a safe distance.
The interface can also be visible in another building, or even another country, so that an operator can always be aware of the production line’s state.

Smart Energy

The remote access to a machine or a production plan enables the planning and the real time variation of the power state of a device, giving full control to the user over the power consumption of a machine.

Protocol bridging

Devices made by different manufacturers often use a wide array of heterogeneous communication protocols. Bridging both standard and custom protocols in a transparent way makes it easy to integrate different kinds of hardware.

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