Business Cases


Monitoring Radio FM Transmitters Networks

Elenos is the manufacturer of FM radio transmitters sold all over the world. Radio transmitters are located in hard to reach places, like the top of a mountain, therefore their maintenance activity is rather expensive and complicated, since it requires the physical presence of a technician that investigates the cause of the disservice.

Since radios rely heavily on commercials for their income, having a long downtime could greatly harm their business, so the time between a technical incident and its solution needs to be as brief as possible.
Thanks to SpaceBunny monitoring the network of transmitters is painless and fast, and thanks to the analysis of the constant data stream of operative parameters received by the platform, Elenos can predict when a device will require an unplanned maintenance activity, and a technician can be dispatched to reduce the downtime to a minimum.

The end users can now access a Web interface that enables these new features:

  • monitor the operating parameters
  • monitor alarms triggered by the transmitter in real time
  • power management planning
  • statistics

Ice Cream Machine Controller

TastyGelato is the manufacturer of high-duty ice cream making machines appreciated all over the world. Maintaining and repairing such a vast network of machines has proven to require a huge effort in terms of time and money. Repairing a defective unit requires a repairman that will travel to the machine’s location to investigate the hardware or software fault, and often times it also requires to fly back to the headquarters to retrieve the spare parts needed. They needed a smarter way to handle the customer assistance, they needed a way to monitor and control machines scattered all over the world with ease.

Thanks to SpaceBunny TastyGelato now has an always up to date snapshot of the machine’s states, and is able to solve this kind of incidents efficiently and in a timely manner. Most of the issues arisen now can be directly solved with a phone call, since the technician already knows what went wrong, and the solution might also be so trivial that it can be performed by the user himself.

SpaceBunny opened up new business opportunities too, by providing software services and benefits appreciated by the users, like the ability to monitor the ice cream machine with a smartphone app that shows the device’s status and whether it needs regular maintenance or not. TastyGelato was able to diversify its business model, keeping its market leadership.

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