Consumer Cases


Take Care Of Your Dog

When the cold weather kicks in we want to make sure that our four legged friend is comfy in his house.
It would be a great idea to embed a thermal winding tube and a thermal sensor in its floor connecting them to SpaceBunny.
The platform would constantly check for the environmental temperature, and you’d be notified when it drops below a certain comfort threshold, letting you decide whether to turn on the heating system.


Monitor The Brewing Station

Nothing better than sitting on the patio with a cold brew on a warm day. Even better if the beer was homebrewed.
Brewing requires a complex series of preparations though, coupled with the perfect control of the beer’s temperature throughout the brewing process.
The real time monitoring features offered by SpaceBunny are perfect for this task, they enable you to have a real time snapshot of the temperature on your smartphone. You can view how the magic is happening and you can react when the thermal reading sways too much.


Monitor Panel’s Efficiency

Having solar panels is great for the environment, and it can be a smart way to cut down the running costs of our appliances.
SpaceBunny can offer an even smarter way to handle the energy consumption of your house. With a little tinkering you can easily monitor the power output of your panels, and be notified when their efficiency is at peak.
With this info you can decide when your appliances should start, leveraging the power produced by the panels.

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