SpaceBunny is a managed cloud platform that makes it easy for your connected devices to easily and securely interact with applications or even with each other.
With SpaceBunny your applications can keep track of and communicate with all your devices even when they aren’t connected.

You can store the data, receive timely event notifications, monitor live streams and remotely control your devices through an always­ on bidirectional connection.

SpaceBunny also provides a web UI and an open REST API that you can use to control every aspect the platform. Easy to use, and ready to scale at any time.

What we can do for you

We can help you in all the phases of your project:

  • Analysis of the current situation, so that we can suggest possible uses and benefits
  • Project how to integrate your business with our platform, creating step by step a solution tailored on your needs
  • Integration, making heterogeneous devices interoperate in a transparent and non invasive way
  • Development of new components, custom features or custom web and smartphone app, to give you and your clients the best experience

How does it work?

  • Connect any device with an Internet connection. It’ll be able to send and receive data at any time.
  • The messages are queued and delivered as soon as possible. Even when the device is offline, we make sure that no packet is lost.
  • You can specify different data “topics“, and enable specific features on them, like data persistence, email, push or SMS notifications.
  • Our web UI offers a real time live stream of your data flow, and enables you to send messages to your devices. You always have a real time picture of your devices’ state, and can remotely control them with ease.